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10 martie 2016 • Evenimente

Concurs pentru elaborarea conceptului spațial și programatic al Parcului Zakrzowek din Cracovia, Polonia

Stimați colegi,

Transmitem alăturat comunicatul Asociației Arhitecților din Polonia referitor la organizarea Concursului pentru elaborarea conceptului spațial și programatic al Parcului Zakrzowek din Cracovia, Polonia.

Cu stimă,

10 martie 2016

arh. Cornelia Burcuș
Secretar Executiv

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Doamna/Domnule Arhitect,


Va transmitem mai jos Comnunicatul Asociatiei Arhitectilor din Polonia privind organizarea, in cooperare cu Primaria Cracovia, a Concursului pentru elaborarea conceptului spatial si programatic al Parcului Zakrzowek din Cracovia, Polonia.

Obiectivul concursului cuprinde proiectarea parcului (circulatie, mobilier urban, puncte pentru vedere panoramica, elemente ale spatiului amenajat pentru sporturi nautice si inot), spatiile de recreere adiacente si imprejurimile acestora, precum si cateva cladiri: Centrul de Educatie Ecologica impreuna cu Serviciile Turistice, centrul de sporturi nautice, servicii pentru zona de inot, inchiriere de echipament sportiv nautic si mici chioscuri comerciale.

Limba de desfasurare a concursului este l. polona. In aceste conditii, participarea arhitectilor romani este posibila fie prin cunoasterea limbii polone, fie prin existenta unor arhitecti asociati/colaboratori polonezi, care le-ar putea facilita accesul la documentatia concursului si la parcurgerea procedurilor implicate de acesta.

Mai multe informatii, precum si documentatia concursului (in l. polona) se gasesc pe pagina de internet a concursului:,736,Zakrzowek.html


Cu deosebita consideratie,

Mariana Ionescu

Consilier Relatii Internationale


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From: Dział zagraniczny Biura ZG SARP <>
Subject: Competition for the elaboration of the spatial and programmatic concept of the Zakrzówek Park in Krakow, Poland

Dear UIA Member Sections,

Please find below an information about Competition for the elaboration of the spatial and programmatic concept of the Zakrzówek Park in Krakow, Poland. 

On behalf of Association of Polish Architects I would kindly ask you to disseminate this information as wide as possible.


With kind regards

Agnieszka Mietlicka




Z wyrazami szacunku/Best regards


Agnieszka Mietlicka

Dział Zagraniczny /Foreign Department

Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich/Association of Polish Architects


Competition for the elaboration of the spatial and programmatic concept of the Zakrzówek Park in Krakow, Poland.

The Board of the City Greenery of the City of Krakow, in cooperation with the Association of Polish Architects, announces the one-stage, international study competition for the Zakrzówek Park in Krakow in Poland.

The competition pertains to the elaboration of the concept design of the Zakrzówek Park – situated within the green area of Krzemionki Zakrzowskie, of the total surface of circa 62 hectares of areas located in the close vicinity of the historic centre of the centuries-old city (the site is located hardly two kilometres away from the Wawel Royal Castle). The most characteristic element of that area is the former quarry, partly inundated by the ground waters. That unique landscape element has circa 16,8 ha surface, is over 30 m deep and has rocky, nearly vertical walls (its highest parts protrude over 30 meters above the water surface). The space of the area subject to the competition was strongly transformed during the many centuries of exploitation of the quarry; characteristic spoil tips remain until today. Unique, picturesque panoramas of Krakow are visible from the area. There are protected species of fauna and flora as well as historic monuments (archaeological sites and military structures). The area is situated within the boundaries of the Bielany-Tyniec Landscape Park; the place has been favoured by Cracovians for many years and for the sake of the public care it is a subject of an ongoing vivid public debate. 
One assumes that the competition entries shall consider the particular character of the place which combines unique natural values with an unusual spatial context and specific form of its use. Currently the area of the reservoir and its immediate vicinity are used for recreational and sport purposes (also as areas for extreme sports such as diving or climbing). Thus the strict linking of the design proposal to the spatial and cultural context becomes essential. Functional solutions – both in terms of structures and circulation connections are important. Particular emphasis is put on the issues of ecology – the state-of-the-art pro-ecological technologies, minimisation of the negative influence of users for the natural surfaces, local flora and fauna.

The competition task encompasses the design of the park (circulation, urban furniture, vantage points, elements of the zone of the arranged space for water sports and bathing), accompanying recreational spaces and its border as well as buildings: Ecological Education Centre along with the Visitor Service, water sports centre, services for the bathing area, water sports equipment rental, and small commercial pavilions. The concept should define the relations of the designed structures to their surroundings, with the special consideration of circumstances resulting from: the local spatial development plan Park Zakrzówek and the local spatial development plan Rejon św. Jacka – Twardowskiego, circulation links, functional requirements, cultural traditions, protection of nature, protection of landscape and cultural heritage.
The language of the competition is Polish.


The Competition Jury:
Prof. Dr. Hab. Eng. Arch. Krzysztof Bieda – College of the Competition Judges, SARP Krakow – Chairman of the Jury
Dr. Eng. Arch. Maciej Skaza – College of the Competition Judges, SARP Krakow – Referring Judge
Arch. Elżbieta Koterba – Deputy Mayor for City Development in Krakow
Paweł Mleczko – Office of Spatial Planning of the City of Krakow
Grzegorz Stawowy – Krakow City Council
Arch. Tomasz Bobrowski – Main Architect of the City of Krakow
MSc. Eng. Jarosław Tabor – City Landscape Architect
Dr Dorota Leśniak-Rychlak – Representative of the public
Mariusz Waszkiewicz – Representative of the public


Competition schedule (selection):
Announcing of the competition – 29.02.2016
Submission of applications for admission to the competition – 11.04.2016 until 3 P.M.
Submission of entries – 18.07.2016 until 3 P.M. 
Adjudication and public announcement of the competition results – 6.09.2016
– first prize – 100 000 PLN
– second prize – 50 000 PLN
– third pize – 30 000 PLN
– two mentions – 10 000 PLN