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9 iulie 2012

Informații suplimentare privind concursul de la Tartu, Estonia

Stimate colege,
Stimați colegi,

Transmitem alăturat informații suplimentare privind concursul de la Tartu, Estonia.

Precizăm că pentru informații suplimentare vă puteți adresa numai organizatorilor.

Cu stimă,

9 iulie 2012

Secretar Executiv
arh. Cornelia Burcuș

Filiala Teritorială București a Ordinului Arhitecților din România
str. Academiei nr. 18 - 20, sector 1
010014, București, România
tel/fax: 021-3039226, 021-3077163


Va transmit mai jos cateva informatii suplimentare referitoare la Concursul de la Tartu, Estonia, primite din partea Asociatiei Arhitectilor din Estonia.

In cazul in care constatati ca mai exista neclaritati sau omisiuni in documentatia concursului, va rugam sa va adresati direct Secretariatului acestuia.

Cu deosebita consideratie,
Mariana Ionescu

Consilier Relatii Internationale
Ordinul Arhitectilor din Romania
Str. Pictor Arthur Verona nr. 19
010312 Bucuresti 1 Romania
Tel.: 0728 872 150 - Secretariat
Tel./Fax: 021 317.26.34 (5) – Secretariat
Mobil: 0728 872 139


Dear Sirs

I would like to notice that there are forms and materials in English added and also some sentences in the guide have been amended.

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With my best regards,
Ingrid Mald-Villand

From: Ingrid Mald-Villand
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 3:20 PM
To: info
Subject: Press release: Architectural solution for the Tartu Waldorf Centre by the end of 2012



Architectural solution for the Tartu Waldorf Centre by the end of 2012

On June 20, the Tartu Free Waldorf School Association declared an international architectural design contest, the results of which would be anticipated in December 2012 at the latest. The goal of the competition is to find an architectural solution for the Tartu Waldorf Centre, which would create an integrated and inspiring environment for the learners, employees and visitors of the centre.

“We look forward to the abundant participation by architects from Estonia and other countries. Since wholeness is essential in Waldorf pedagogy both from the view of its substance and form, we seek a solution for building the Waldorf Centre, which would achieve an organic whole” said Katri Tammekand, project manager for Establishing the Tartu Waldorf Centre. She added: “Children, their parents and teachers who have eagerly waited for the new house, can rejoice today all the more. It was decided a day before declaring the design competition that the Environmental Investment Centre would finance the project of the City of Tartu that intends to demolish the former military buildings on the plot and surroundings of the future Waldorf Centre. The old makes room for the new.”

Kindergarten, primary school, upper school, hobby school and adult training centre will operate under one roof in the Waldorf Centre. Current plans foresee a possibility to develop afterwards a comprehensive social centre where elderly people and families with children could live alongside. The initiators and coordinators of the establishment of the Centre are the parents and teachers of Tartu Waldorf School and pre-school childcare Meie Mängurühm, managed by the Tartu Free Waldorf School Association.

As a non-profit association, the Tartu Free Waldorf School Association has limited possibilities for making larger investments and creating a building complex of over 6000 square meters poses a great challenge to it. The NGO has worked already for years for this to succeed. We are convinced that creating the Waldorf Centre in cooperation with the City of Tartu, Ministry of Science and Education and other local and international partners is achievable.

The prize money for the architectural design competition of the Tartu Waldorf Centre totals 22 000 Euros, from which prizes for best architectural solutions would be assigned. The contest jury includes also members from abroad, and we expect also foreign architects to participate in the competition.

The architectural design competition materials are available from the Tartu Waldorf School home page:

Contact persons:

Mati Raamat
Chairman of the jury of the Tartu Waldorf Centre architectural design competition
Tartu Waldorf School parent
Tartu City Engineer
Phone: 50 79 650

Katri Tammekand
Project manager for Establishing the Tartu Waldorf Centre
Tartu Waldorf School parent
Member of the Board of the Tartu Free Waldorf School Association
Phone: 50 15 141