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1 iulie 2010

World Architecture Festival

Stimate colege,
Stimati colegi,

Transmitem invitatia de a participa la World Architecture Festival care va avea loc la Barcelona in perioada 3-5 noiembrie 2010.

Cu stima,

01 iulie 2010

Secretar Executiv
arh. Cornelia Burcus

Filiala Teritoriala Bucuresti a Ordinului Arhitectilor din Romania
str. Academiei nr. 18 - 20, sector 1
010014, Bucuresti, Romania
tel/fax: 021-3039226, 021-3077163

World Architecture Festival | Barcelona 3-5 November 2010

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View this in html online :$X3NVvl4E1b/html3?

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World Architecture Festival | Barcelona 3-5 November 2010$X3NVvl4E1b/html14

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World Architecture Festival | Barcelona 3-5 November 2010$X3NVvl4E1b/html14

Priority code, please use: WAFE05EM

Your last chance to enter the largest architectural awards programme in the worldStart your entry today. :$X3NVvl4E1b/html22

Dear Cristian,

With hundreds of practices putting the final touches to their presentations this is your absolute last chance to enter this interactive, international awards programme. Join leading practices from all over the world to compete for WAF prizes across Completed Buildings :$X3NVvl4E1b/html23 , Future Projects :$X3NVvl4E1b/html23 ,Interiors and Fit Out :$X3NVvl4E1b/html23 and Structural Design :$X3NVvl4E1b/html23 .


All entrants to WAF reap the following benefits:

1. Guaranteed exhibition in Barcelona in November.Every single entry will be displayed in our extensive awards gallery to be viewed by hundreds of international architects.

2. Chance of being shortlisted to present live, in front of prestigious juries and peers, at the festival, and compete for a coveted WAF prize.

3. Permanent listing on our living archive, :$X3NVvl4E1b/html24 , a definitive guide to the best of the world's architecture and design which receives over 1000 visits a day.

4. Opportunity to win a WAF award, a highly prestigious accolade that could help you win work and public acclaim.

5. Exposure to the world's architectural press. Last year WAF generated 6000+ articles in 100 countries around the world through the help of our PR experts, FD and our 100+ media partners.

6. All category and section winners go on to feature in the Winners Brochurewhich is circulated to 100,000 people across 80 countries during the following entry period and hosted on our website for 12 months - this ensures maximum exposure all year round.

7. The winning building will feature on the homepage of the :$X3NVvl4E1b/html24 for 12 monthsand articles will be posted on our main website which attracts over 10,000 visits a week.


The World Architecture Festival :$X3NVvl4E1b/html25 provides a unique opportunity to exhibit and share your best work with the global architecture community. The WAF Awards celebrate structural design, interiors/fit-out, and future projects, providing more scope for practices who may not have completed a whole building recently. Join our networkings hubs - make friends on Facebook :$X3NVvl4E1b/html13 , follow our every move on Twitter :$X3NVvl4E1b/html26 and get a new contacts book with LinkedIn :$X3NVvl4E1b/html28 .

Follow this link to see all last year's winners :$X3NVvl4E1b/html29 and shortlisted :$X3NVvl4E1b/html21 entrants. Visit the World Buildings Directory :$X3NVvl4E1b/html21 to see all the entrants into the WAF Awards :$X3NVvl4E1b/html17 - so far over 1000 practices have entered in 80 countries worldwide.$X3NVvl4E1b/html31$X3NVvl4E1b/html31

47 awards to win, you need to be in it, to win it!

Entering the World Architecture Festival :$X3NVvl4E1b/html25 (WAF) Awards is easy. All entries must be submitted through this website.There is a simple 5-step entry process:

1.Open your user account.Follow this link :$X3NVvl4E1b/html22 and follow directions to registration page.

2. Choose your section.Choose between Completed Buildings :$X3NVvl4E1b/html23 , Future Projects :$X3NVvl4E1b/html23 ,Interiors and Fit Out :$X3NVvl4E1b/html23 and Structural Design :$X3NVvl4E1b/html23 .
Special rates for multiple entries and those individuals and practices
that have entered the Awards in the past - use your priority code when
entering to see if you qualify for a discount - WAFE05EM.

3. Create online entry. Creating a secure account allows you to complete your entry at your own pace and enables you make edits or additions anytime before the entry cut-off date. Login here. :$X3NVvl4E1b/html18

4.Submit online entry and pay.You can pay by all major credit/debit cards or request an invoice online. If you have any questions about paying for your entry please contact Alex or Shenyana on+44 (0) 20 7554 5800. All entries must be paid for before the entry closure date on 2 July.

5. Submit exhibition boards.Follow the instructions online to submit your exhibition boards which will appear in the Festival Gallery. Full details on what is required for these features can be found here. :$X3NVvl4E1b/html31

Enter WAF today :$X3NVvl4E1b/html18 and take advantage of the many opportunities it offers! Times are hard for everyone working in the design professions, but the demands of the new world economy and the global sustainability agenda mean that architectural innovation and excellence are a necessity, not an option.

ENTRIES CLOSE THIS FRIDAY, 2 JULY.. JUST 3 DAYS TO GO!! Showcase your work and give yourself - and your practice - a platform for future growth.

I look forward to receiving by 2 July and judging your entry later this month.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Finch
Chair,The Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment Programme Director, World Architecture Festival

P.S. You can save ?550 on festival passes during the entry period - one entry plus two tickets costs just ?995 - find out more at :$X3NVvl4E1b/html14 .

GET IN CONTACT TODAY! Quote WAFE05EM which may entitle you to a discount.
T: +44 (0) 20 7554 5800
E: :$X3NVvl4E1b/html32 W: :$X3NVvl4E1b/html33$X3NVvl4E1b/html14

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EMAP Limited registered number 435820.
Registered office: Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London NW1 7EJ.
Registered in England and Wales.

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