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11 ianuarie 2008


Stimate colege,
Stimati colegi,
Transmitem alaturat, din partea O.A.R. National, urmatorul anunt privind concursul cu tema "PARTNERSHIP ŠMARTINSKA, LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIJA".
Cu stima,
Secretar Executiv
arh. Cornelia Burcus

The city of Ljubljana, Slovenia and partners Blagovno trgovinski center BTC, d.d., Droga Kolinska, d.d., Gradis IPGI, d.d., Kolosej kinematografi, d.o.o., MNP nepremičninski projekti, d.o.o., SPAR Slovenija, d.o.o., Velana, d.d. and Žito, d.d., in cooperation with the Chamber of architecture and planning of Slovenia (ZAPS) and European Council of Town Planners (ECTP) call for an international, public, open, anonymous, single-tier, idea urban planning competition PARTNERShip ŠMARTINSKA.


Competition documents may be received at the Chamber of architecture and planning of Slovenia ZAPS, Vegova 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia between 8.00 and 12.00, except on Tuesdays, when the material will be available between 12.00 and 16.00 hours or by mail, for a fee of 84,00 EUR (including VAT) should be paid to Chamber of architecture and planning of Slovenia (ZAPS), Transaction account No. 03100-1001291427, at the SKB d.d. bank, Ljubljana, IBAN SI56031001001291427 and BIC code SKBASI2X, with annotation: »Competition Partnership Šmartinska«


The deadline for competition entries is 11th April.2008 by 12.00. Entries have to be delivered personally in the Secretariat of the Chamber of architecture and planning of Slovenia (ZAPS), Vegova 8, Ljubljana, Slovenia or by the same date by mail (with validated date on the stamp for the same day, i.e. 11th April 2008), whereby the competition entrants are obliged to send a telegram or e-mail message to stating the entry cipher and package number.


Participation in the competition is open for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia or EU member states or companies that have their business office (registered legal person) in the Republic of Slovenia or any of the EU member states. Among the authors the participation of the following experts is required: architect, landscape architect, civil engineer (traffic expert), spatial planner, of which at least one is a registered expert in his/her professional field or a member of any of the national associations and/or chambers, members of the ECTP.


After paying the non-reimbursable fee of 84,00 EUR every applicant will receive the complete text and graphic material on a CD by post.


For more information visit our website  (Slovene: natečaji, aktualni natečaji, partnerstvo šmartinska or English: competitions, in progress, partnership Šmartinska) or please send an e-mail .


We are looking forward to hear from you



                                               Slovenian Chamber of Architecture and planning




Ljubljana, 2008-01-11