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OAR Bucharest Structure

Management Boards and committees elected in the Conference of OAR Bucharest on May 12, 2018, for 2018-2019


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was elected in the Meeting of Regional Board on May 31, 2018.

Management Board

Deputy Members:

Regional Disciplinary Board

Deputy Members

Regional Censor Board

Executive Secretary

Work groups and action groups

1. Architect OAR Bucharest - arch. Emil Ivănescu - main actions can be found in the platform presented at the election of the Regional Conference;

2. Professional - arch. Ana Maria Goilav - ongoing professional training, SIOAR, interns and the alternative action group, arch. Daniela Calciu;

3. Legislation – arh. Andrei Fenyo – local and national legislation, on a national level, impact work group that shall be founded in close collaboration with OAR and locally, the group wil be in charge of regulations and procedures;

4. Living Quality – arch. Cătălin Berescu – calamities, emergency housing, urban mobility, earthquake- actions and collaborations already started and a group of action named Safe Schools, arch. Horia Bejan;

5. Public Space – arch. Ana Maria Zahariade – competitions, heritage (group that will support OAR), Report for Bucharest, action group for Community green spaces, arch. Raluca Vișinescu, group already founded.