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History of OAR Bucharest


OAR Bucharest was founded on October 8, 2001. The Conference for its establishment happened at the Sala Frescelor (Mural Room) of Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism.


Regional conference, May 13-14, 2002 at Sala Mare (Great Hall) of the National Theatre.


Inauguration of the new OAR Bucharest Regional Office on the occasion of the Annual Architectural Exhibition, First Edition, 2003 – at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, ground-floor.

Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition-2003.

Visit of the President Ion Iliescu at the first edition of the Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition-2003

Seminary on “Urban Seismic Vulnerability”- within Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition first edition, 2003.

Seminary on “Bucharest Major Axis”- November, 2003


Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition- Second Edition, 2004

Public debate on “ People’s (Salvation) Cathedral”- within Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition second edition, 2004

Seminary on “The Forgotten Bucharest”


Conference of OAR Bucharest Regional Office- March 24, 2005

Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition- Third Edition, 2005

Debate on “Bucharest European Capital”- within Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition third edition, 2005

Roundtable debate on “Bucharest- habitation quality” - within Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition- Third Edition, 2005


Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition- 2006

Awarding Arch. Liviu Ciulei the title of HONORY MEMBER OF OAR (ORDER OF ARCHITECTS IN ROMANIA).


Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition-2007

Debate: Calea Victoriei – Bucharest cultural axis. The dilemma of an identity project “ stARTdambovita”

Exhibition of photography: “The Intimacy of the public space”


Exhibition of the finalist projects on The International Architecture Competition - “EXPANSION OF THE VICTORIA PALACE”


“Caricatures of Architects”- exhibition of caricatures made by Mr. Arch. Gheorghe Dorin and Constantin Frumuzache

Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition-2008

Conference “Marcel Iancu, Architect”- Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Book release “ Letter to a young architect” - arh. Alexandros Tombazis

Collaborative Programme with Austrian architect’s organisation.

Members of the Romanian Academy paid tribute to Architect Șerban Cantacuzino


Professional debate on project Dâmbovița Center

Press Conference on “The Consequences of the Amendments of Ordinance 27/2008 proposed by the Public Administration Committee of the Chamber of Deputies”

Meeting with Order of Architects in Rome

Establishing the collaboration protocol with Order of Architects in Rome

Opening of the exhibition DAN HANGANU – ARCHITECT

Making steps into establishing a collaboration protocol with Chamber of Architects in Vienna

Exhibition on Vienna Annual Architectural Exhibition- 2008 and 2009


Press Conference on “ Project People’s Salvation Cathedral ”

Conference of OAR Bucharest Regional Office – elections

The National Conference of Order of Architects in Romania- elections

Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition-2010

Book release “Philosopher’s Stone” by Radu Drăgan

Event exhibition “Romanian Modernity Space 1906-1947”

Meeting with the representatives of city of Sofia Chamber of Architects

Debate on the project of the underground parking in Piața Universității


Architects Ski Cup

Collaboration Protocol between OAR Bucharest and Bulgary Chamber of Architects, from city of Sofia.

Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition- 2011

Conference held by the Bucharest branch of the Order of Architects in Romania

National Conference of OAR

First edition of the Architects Jazz Nights

Summit at Order of Architects in Rome


Architects Ski Cup, second edition

Meeting at the office of OAR Bucharest with the representatives of Order of Architects in Taranto, Italy

Solange d'Herbez de la Tour – Honorary member of OAR Bucharest Office

Meeting with Mrs. Rossella Sinisi, vice-president of Dept. For Environment and Sustaintability of the PPC National Council of Architects from Italy

Bucharest Annual Architectural Exhibition- 2012

Press Conference on classification of the series of boulevards in North Bucharest as historical landmarks

Debate on the traffic passages in Piața Charles de Gaulle and Piața Presei Libere

Jazz Night with Irina Sârbu Jazz Band

Play Mincu – architectural stamp, a semiotic field o fthe game between Architecture and Bureaucracy

Realeasing the volume “From Casa Scânteii to Casa Poporului. Four Decades of Architecture in Bucharest 1945-1989”


“Italia e Romania: ieri, oggi e domani” – delegation of OAR Bucharest at the Order of Architects in Taranto, Italy